Are you searching for free Xbox Live codes? Then you are in the right place. Here at XBLPrizes, we provide various types of gift card code generators, including Xbox Live code generator.

Xbox is a home video gaming platform created and produced by Microsoft. Xbox is Microsoft’s first attempt at building something for the gaming console market. Apart from this console game, it also provides software and applications for games and streaming services.

The Xbox console was first launched in 2001, in the United States of America along with the launch of the original Xbox console. Since its release, the product has gone through several different changes resulting in XboxXbox 360, and Xbox One.

Having an Xbox Gold Membership gives you various benefits like chatting with other players, cloud space, compete with online players, free video games, early access to game demos, etc. that you can enjoy in the games and the console itself.

Well, to enjoy all these benefits on your Xbox, you must pay for the Xbox Gold Membership. Lucky for you, our Xbox Live code generator will help you get Xbox gift card codes that you can avail online for free.

What are Xbox Live codes or gift cards?

Xbox Live codes and gift cards make Xbox purchases and extend your Microsoft subscriptions (Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, etc.). Xbox codes are 25 characters long, including numbers and letters (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX), printed on a card.

With the Xbox Live code or gift card, you can purchase the service you want. It can be used to buy the latest Xbox games, applications, movies, devices, and more. As you already paid the full amount at the time of purchase these gift cards, there are no other hidden charges or expiry dates to worry.

Just keep in mind that Microsoft is not allowing users to purchase a product from physical Microsoft store using Xbox Live codes.

What is Xbox Live code generator?

Xbox Live code generator is an online tool that lets you generate free Xbox Live codes. Codes generated using our generator is similar to the real Xbox codes that are 25 characters long, including numbers and letters.

You can generate unlimited free Xbox codes using this generator. As many sites are asking for you to complete a survey to get the code, forget those time consuming and fake websites.

How does Xbox Live code generator work?

Xbox code generator works on the smart algorithm, developed by our code addicts. It can generate unlimited free Xbox codes. Our Xbox code generator produces a unique code that is similar to the Xbox Live code.

You can use these codes to get free Xbox Live Gold Membership. If it does not work at first, then you can generate multiple codes using our generator.

Free Xbox Codes List

List of free Xbox codes generated using Xbox Live code generator. You can generate unlimited codes for your Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Gold and Xbox 360 using the generator located above.

Sr. No.Free Xbox Live CodesValueStatus
1PFD9Y-U636F-MQY2S-U4AL8-NJ5Y5$50Activate Now
2FUY4C-VU9CW-P8QTZ-YBAJP-QS9Y4$25Activate Now
37233W-3UMS9-QLGW2-UVELL-MST3J$15Activate Now
4Y8JF7-7R5CM-HKYA3-K4X9J-UKETL$25Activate Now
5WNHBV-M23P5-L9S2B-53CNV-HU3CX$100Activate Now
659Y98-8ADZD-968SV-GCW2U-SLXHN$15Activate Now
10TLQFY-RMZD5-6NK55-BNK25-3VD66$25Activate Now
11LQ4X7-QAYHC-RNQEN-T2R68-7QUEQ$40Activate Now
12ZGJWM-D465X-M2RXB-TU8XM-KTKSC$100Activate Now
138ZHB9-T6NLP-XVE4V-PULNS-B427K$150Activate Now
14QPYVF-7EA33-EQTD6-FF2AT-HYF4H$50Activate Now
15WKNTV-ARVZD-M5S4J-Z8B45-KZ54A$25Activate Now
17JFQAQ-MS64P-CE9RG-8TDVL-GKLV5$20Activate Now
18H996P-R6HQR-32ANP-R2GCE-6FLUL$10Activate Now
19JXCYL-DR26X-T3U3K-BDHJ8-VMULT$25Already Used
20DUP54-TVBNQ-B824B-77W4S-FHQHJ$15Activate Now
217HDG6-CBFHK-XDECA-5PYTH-6BTFL$10Activate Now
223R8F7-2EC33-A79AJ-EUY3Y-QWYCT$50Activate Now
239EPZW-EJFCD-RYT4A-CFSLT-M6Q54$15Activate Now
24MFT6J-HYZE2-BKT6G-YY4QC-8ECP7$15Activate Now
252WJJD-5CNX9-4WP7X-M6E5R-5UDC3$20Activate Now
26D4EG9-H29EQ-8B834-C6LUU-X9MLJ$40Activate Now
27UE3Y6-MSJWL-2HJWM-3JV8M-YAJT4$100Activate Now
28VX9BW-ZJNL2-GLR6F-WU8TQ-CUPT9$200Activate Now
29YV7CT-C3EAS-QBGC2-2T63Q-SMP26$50Activate Now
30P2DDP-YH8JG-4PB6N-PGKNL-WDENW$25Activate Now
3198GGW-V6G34-QR4QD-8539R-PXXXR$50Activate Now
32PF7NY-D2RX5-KZYL7-DSNSH-WHM64$20Activate Now
33TM8TA-NCL9L-UNTKN-TGZGE-4B3HX$100Activate Now
34DQK87-A2YVD-JYK6D-LJAYG-T9GUM$25Already Used
35TR67V-92U7M-NN9HG-DH8RJ-NKP9M$100Activate Now
36P3KJ8-PJ6V7-SBCPB-7UWPE-DDPQS$15Activate Now
37BN2J7-58FVT-Y6V8M-Y7AMA-CC5KP$50Activate Now
38XJPSH-8QV2W-EWPB4-89F5N-BB64G$100Activate Now
397WFFK-XP5JZ-UYDZU-NN8DS-2QNPS$15Activate Now
40YC749-9HDZ8-ZGMAM-FRSP4-KGFSB$25Activate Now
41FBS53-5EJWE-GBW5S-TN8WN-BJ62D$50Activate Now
42SBWX6-K87KR-SMTL4-KPWG8-YASRB$100Activate Now
43G9BSG-HFBC6-4MNRP-XXX7F-3AMX4$15Activate Now
44ZQND9-WCJ6L-MM3UC-WN643-PTHPF$50Activate Now
45H2F4J-S4AG9-F6EVE-865EJ-BKT9K$200Activate Now
47XEPSP-4FLZL-BWV59-HFU3G-T35ZP$25Activate Now
48GUP4C-Q2FJT-M3LF6-FKY6X-CAD87$15Activate Now
49G25SF-RUVSD-MYHNL-P54TC-M7VYT$25Activate Now
50MUNAK-VAXW3-WLCRG-NT3FL-779AG$100Activate Now
52LKGJS-ZP92K-MDB4H-KTMXE-FV9LD$50Activate Now
53DEHDK-83LZW-HP8L7-U99LX-TRGC2$100Activate Now
54HL4S7-XZJA6-WYJ6P-JTSTZ-SUU62$15Activate Now
55PNBNY-FWVMV-2TLMG-V7ME4-HJUU8$25Activate Now
5689QDS-PDGTG-9AQVT-JSJLX-MQWG5$200Activate Now
57QBAY9-FCRTA-X6CQF-NUSFP-N6EL9$100Activate Now
59GP8AE-9JCC5-CDGD2-LEB2X-88MY9$50Activate Now
61FJZU4-AAYCL-HJUU9-5ZKUL-44KEA$50Activate Now
62EWYJS-TBE3G-XVN7Z-QYP58-7KD26$25Activate Now
634LME6-TA3W3-QUL3M-CGUCQ-3K2FS$100Already Used
64HURYZ-TEYFH-W67RD-KX6C6-WN2DS$25Activate Now
654BY3J-DKBL3-5GGLB-S5GS7-7WCUH$100Activate Now
663GMEZ-LWSYQ-QV5P6-GCRD2-TZL2P$100Activate Now
67JAVTX-DR5TP-Z8ULR-2872K-EPGGT$50Activate Now
6895VZH-6PUK5-YZSKB-LTWTU-ZWQAC$100Activate Now
69FLBCC-68G2D-GZ4DG-GLLE6-J3Q2P$15Activate Now
70KRYAG-9W6P3-KH7C5-AMTL6-9N6GY$200Activate Now
71NQGNN-H4YND-VU9XN-8X8PT-5EM2V$25Activate Now
726BSHV-MA6QG-VFRK7-LC9BH-KL75W$100Activate Now
73UKTKL-UA49B-RL8ZJ-TQZU2-9MGKJ$150Activate Now
748JD4C-T4Z5M-5US5Q-NVSMA-N2BRC$50Activate Now
75W6578-4PSQL-JAAZ2-2KYEW-5C7GT$25Activate Now
777E6VV-6HFAG-TCM5T-YUAK7-XSC5R$200Activate Now
78JTX24-MUL7B-EBNXH-6Y9EC-CZYA4$100Activate Now
79TQQC3-AL8Z6-L5GNQ-PKGL4-VBQHR$25Activate Now
80LBS64-RGXEF-GE244-WCA9Z-UBG8U$100Activate Now
81KU7GJ-RPZU4-S5TJD-6SPDK-2B445$10Activate Now
82PZUCM-RU4GE-9X5XS-TGLTC-JSS3Q$15Activate Now
84V5HFN-5VFDF-GBB5K-XB3SH-5PQ55$15Activate Now
85LTQNE-88VR3-VFVRJ-4CC5X-W2EAJ$20Activate Now
86YD8XR-CE8KR-8GNXB-5ZQXE-UU3SK$25Activate Now
87MHXJZ-8K7ET-38GD8-XYR5P-8UKFN$100Activate Now
88PXT6J-N5VUZ-4EJL2-KSEG5-3XEF6$15Activate Now
898HML5-A6MC3-SVWM5-GQGW8-S3GLZ$50Activate Now
90QM55D-E7A3Q-KETM4-PGXSM-BV7VV$25Activate Now
91KKQMJ-3KXPP-DQ49B-QH348-QVSBE$50Already Used
93HKTNT-4H27V-UDPG8-2R395-32JQE$100Activate Now
9499CTD-9TB36-3W53E-RVVJR-6MUF9$25Activate Now
95AW9T5-NJYYX-2VQKB-CYRQL-4JBLJ$100Activate Now
97NNTVX-7MESF-T6BU6-7XU7S-FT42S$25Activate Now
98HLQK6-LAZRS-7X3NV-QSTZA-RJUN8$100Activate Now
99GS7UU-2RW79-4F8JN-KUJGA-D7B2C$15Activate Now
1005LCX6-7K4YF-MFKE3-EY29K-K25W7$200Activate Now

How to generate free Xbox Live codes?

Getting free Xbox codes is not at all complicated. Just follow the steps given below to get your codes!

Step 1 – Go to the Xbox Live Code Generator. (Located at the top of this page.)

Step 2 – Select your Amount and Country. (Make sure to select the country you are located in.)

Step 3 – Tap on the Generate Now button to generate your free Xbox code.

Step 4 – Activate the code using Activate Now button and add Xbox Live gift card balance to your account.

How to redeem Xbox gift card codes?

You can easily redeem Xbox gift card codes in your console or online using the following steps.

Step 1 – Open your browser and go to

Step 2 – Log into your Microsoft account or Live account using your credentials.

Step 3 – Enter the free Xbox Live code that you have already generated from our Xbox Live code generator.

Step 4 – Once verified, Microsoft will automatically add the gift card balance to your account. And that’s all! You have successfully redeemed the Xbox gift card.